About Us

Himalayan Stallion founded by Jeet Selal in December 2016 in Melbourne, Australia with a sole purpose of promoting awareness on health and Fitness dedicated to Indian Youth. Today, the drug use/abuse happening in sports industry is really a big concern and Himalayan Stallion is here to educate on natural sports practices and work against the drug use and abuse happening in sports industry specifically in India.

About the founder

Jeet Selal is one of the most influential heaths & Fitness coach in India and across the globe. After graduating in sports science from UK, and completing a double degree in Sports Management, Jeet moved to Melbourne, Australia. Though, He realized the importance of educating the youth on natural practices in fitness and sports industry and, That become the origin of Himalayan stallion. Jeet Selal's journey of gaining immense popularity is not only due to his amazing physique but also for his character, experience and knowledge in providing insightful content in sports fitness industry. Today, The trend can be seen on his popular YouTube channel "Jeet Selal Aesthetics" with millions of subscribers and followers on all social media platform.