About Us

Jeet Selal is one the most influential fitness professionals among Indian communities across the globe, He is graduated in Sports science with a double degree in Sports management from United Kingdom.
Founder and CEO of  Himalayan Stallion brand, he is a fitness entrepreneur with an idea of natural practices in sports, health and fitness. Himalayan Stallion was founded in December of 2016 in Melbourne, Australia with an objective of creating an awareness regarding health & fitness amongst Indian communities and to work against the drug use/abuse in sports in India.

Jeet has immense popularity not just because of his amazing physique, but for his character, experience, exceptional knowledge and quality content in representing the sports fitness industry.

Bhavesh Mahida is the Director of Himalayan Stallion brand. Who is graduated in Mechanical engineering & post graduate in Business administrative. Mr. Bhavesh possesses a rich experience in the field of Health, Fitness & Management . He has unique leadership and personality development quality. Along with Himalayan stallion mission of “Drug free India”, He is managing other sectors of Himalayan Stallion in most professional & ethical way.